Little Animal Ark: The Playful Puppy
ISBN: 978 0 340 93250 6
Price: £3.99
Mandy’s friend, Peter, has a new puppy, called Timmy. Mandy thinks Timmy is adorable... but he chews things he shouldn’t! Can Mandy help to find Timmy a less naughty game to play?

Little Animal Ark: The Clever Cat
ISBN: 978 0 340 93254 4
Price: £3.99

Friday is Mandy’s favourite day at school. But during playtime, someone paints patterns all over the Art paper. Class 3’s Art lesson is nearly spoiled. Who could the mystery artist be?

Little Animal Ark: The Midnight Mouse
ISBN: 978 0 340 93252 0
Price: £3.99
Mandy is helping Amy Fenton to choose just the right mouse to be her pet. And Amy wants to choose just the right name, too! But no name seems right for this mouse - until late at night, when the girls hear a strange noise in Mandy's room...

Little Animal Ark: The Brave Bunny
ISBN: 978 0 340 93253 7
Price: £3.99
Laura Baker’s bunny Nibbles likes Mandy a lot, but Laura’s noisy cousin Tom makes him frightened. Later on that night, Nibbles must be very brave when he gets sick, and is taken to Animal Ark. Can Mr Hope find out what is wrong?

Little Animal Ark: The Curious Kitten
ISBN: 978 0 340 93251 3
Price: £3.99
Shamrock is a tabby kitten, with bright green eyes and tiger stripes. Mandy thinks he’s very cute – but also very nosy! When Shamrock goes outside for the very first time, he soon runs into trouble...

Little Animal Ark The Party Pony
ISBN: 978 0 340 93255 1
Price: £3.99
A party with pony rides sounds like great fun to Mandy! But when Sparky the pony gets stung by a bee he can't wear a saddle. How can he give the party guests rides? Just in time, Mandy makes a lucky discovery...

Little Animal Ark: The Lucky Lamb
ISBN: 978 0 340 93256 8
Price: £3.99
It's too cold outside for Woolly, the first newborn lamb of the season. But when he's inside, Woolly gets into all sorts of trouble. Then Mandy has a brilliant idea to bring Woolly and his mum back together again . . .

Little Animal Ark: The Cheeky Chick
ISBN: 978 0 340 93257 5
Price: £3.99
Mandy's friends are bringing their pets to the Easter Festival. It's going to be great fun - especially because Charlie will be there. Charlie is the cheekiest chick that Mandy's ever met.

Little Animal Ark: The Happy Hamster
ISBN: 978 0 340 93258 2
Price: £3.99
Tufty's fur isn't smooth and shiny like his brothers' and sisters'. No one seems to want the friendly little hamster. But Mandy soon helps to find Tufty a very special home. Best of all, it's just in time for Class 3's pet show!

Little Animal Ark: The Proud Piglet
ISBN: 978 0 340 93259 9
Price: £3.99
It's so hot! Mandy and her friends cool off by playing under the lawn sprinkler. But Rosy the piglet keeps cool another way - she jumps into the duck pond! Can Mandy help make Rosy a muddy, splashy place all her own?

Little Animal Ark: The Fearless Fox
ISBN: 978 0 340 93260 5
Price: £3.99
Mandy thinks Hector the fox cub is great. He's definitely one of the most unusual animals she's helped her mum and dad to look after. But Hector is so brave, he doesn't seem to know that some things can be dangerous!

Little Animal Ark: The Friendly Foal
ISBN: 978 0 340 93261 2
Price: £3.99
Mandy's friend Helen is very excited. She has a new foal called Fern, who just loves to play! But Helen's about to move house, and she's worried that Fern will be lonely without lots of friends around. Then Mandy has a brilliant idea



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